042014New Ramekin Merchandise!

I have been getting a ton of messages from people asking me where they can get my shirts and stickers. Well, I finally got off my butt and put up a store for you guys to get them! You can either click on the merchandise link at the top of this page, or simply click the sticker below to go to the shop. Thanks guys for your support! I'm humbled that so many people have been asking me for them!

Click any of the stickers below to go to the store!

072013Hey yo! What's Up With Rammy?

Although I've been riding for quite some time now, it did not take me very long to fall in love with it. I have actually had people notice that I'm more grumpy when I'm not able to ride for long periods of time! One of my favorite things to do is take the day and head out to Blood Mountain here in Georgia. If you're ever interested in meeting up, or going out for a ride, hit me up under the contact section and let me know. For all media inquiries or questions about usage of my videos, please use the contact section as well.

I've met some amazing people through YouTube and have become close friends with some as well. If you haven't checked out my channel before, be sure to stop by and subscribe! http://youtube.com/iamramekin

072013Yay! New website!

New website! I was tired of the old website so I decided to finally sit down and work on a new website. I wanted to bring all of my social media aspects into one location. So throughout this website you will find my twitter, facebook, instagram, videos, blog, etc. I'll even be doing some live streams soon to! Check it out under the media section.

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